• Lofty Nabardayal Nadjamerrek (c. 1926 - 2009), Kangaroo "Kangourou", ocres naturelles sur écorce, 49 x 43 cm, 1972 2 / 6
  • Beryl Jimmy, Nyangatja Watarru, 2017, acrylique sur toile, 200 x 300 cm © ProLitteris 3 / 6
  • Tiger Palpatja (c.1920 - 2012), Wanampi Jukurrpa - Water Snakes dreaming "Rêve des serpents d'eau", acrylique sur toile de lin, 122 x 198 cm, 2005 4 / 6
  • Oeuvre collaborative Erub Art, Emarr Totol, Ghostnet turtle "Tortue en filets de pêche", 2016/17, 160 x 160 x 52 cm 5 / 6
  • Rover Thomas Joolama (c.1926 - 1998), Bow River, ocres naturelles sur bois, 93.5 x 180cm, 1983 6 / 6

Aboriginal Art

Dreaming Territory

1 December 2017 - 20 May 2018

The concept is built around an extraordinary private collection dedicated to contemporary Aboriginal art. Bringing together a rich body of 112 works, the exhibition is an invitation to discover this art, which is both deeply rooted in the oldest culture in the world and also features in the most renowned contemporary art events. Through these powerful works, visitors will discover the eternal present of the Dreaming and the creative voyages of Dreaming Ancestors, the basis of tribal law. They will also experience the richness and diversity of this art on the basis of works from a variety of Australian regions and themes relating to the current state of our world. The Dreaming and the present meet on the same ground: art.

The scientific curator of this exhibition is Georges Petitjean.


The exhibition is divided into six sections, beginning with a brief introduction to the origins of the collection. The voyage then continues with art from the central and western deserts, Arnhem Land, Kimberley, and the territories along the eastern coast.

The themes of the Dreaming and the Rainbow Serpent as well as the reciprocal link between humans and the earth (and the sea) will guide the visitor through the exhibition.


The richly illustrated exhibition catalogue will contain texts by renowned experts such as Georges Petitjean, Wally Caruana, Howard Morphy, Kim Akerman, Sally Butler and John Kean.

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