• foundation pierre arnaud lens romantism diday 1906

    Romanticism/ François Diday, Paysage de montagne, s.d. Huile sur toile, Collection privée © François Bertin, Grandvaux

  • foundation pierre arnaud lens art center romantism 1908

    Romanticism/ Gustave Doré, Paysage d'Ecosse, Ca. 1875-1880, Huile sur toile © Musée du monastère royal de Brou. cl. Hugo Maertens

  • foundation pierre arnaud lens modern art museum romantism 1907

    Romanticism/ Caspar Wolf, L’intérieur de la grotte des ours près de Welschenrohr, 1778, Huile sur toile © Kunstmuseum Solothurn

  • art center lens valais modern art romanticism 1988

    Romantisme/ Johann Heinrich Füssli Solitude dans le crépuscule du matin, 1797-1799 Huile sur toile © 2013 Kunsthaus Zürich


The Melancholy of Stones

December 19 2015 - April 17 2016

Romanticism swept across Europe at the end of the 18th century. Sending shockwaves from Germany and England, it shook the roots of artistic conceptions from literature to music and painting. It advocated artists’ individual freedom in reaction to the strict rules of Classicism, and substituted passion and feeling for the supremacy of ‘reason’. This ground-breaking approach was inspired by heightened awareness of human destiny and the ephemeral nature of all things, including nature’s apparently most indestructible element: stone. Man and stone meet the same fate: all will decay and return to dust. The Pierre Arnaud Foundation’s exhibition stages this double tragedy in two acts. The show begins with towering mountain peaks and soaring cathedral spires - man is the Romantic hero figure scaling summits, conquering nature and building spectacular monuments. Part Two then tells the story of the slow yet relentless deterioration: fatal erosion, storm-shattered mountains and buildings falling into ruin. The first casualty of the passing of time is man - the fallen hero who now rests beneath a stone that has become his tomb. Highlighting an original and hitherto unexplored theme, the show brings together works by some of the great European Romantic artists such as Alexandre Calame, Carl Gustav Carus, François Diday, Gustave Doré, Johann Heinrich Füssli, Théodore Géricault, Francisco Goya, Victor Hugo, Philips James Loutherbourg, John Ruskin, Caspar Wolf, etc.

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